Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mass Resistance's Guide to How the Gay Lobby Works

This is a good run-down from our friends at MassResistance:

Remember that Massachusetts has among the most advanced and corrupted laws regarding homosexuality in the country, with 40% of adoptions being forcibly sent to gay homes, birth certificates issued that fraudulently claim two men or two women conceived children, and mandatory homosexual education aimed at children that would make your skin crawl.

The folks at MassResistance have seen the future and provide an excellent breakdown of what to expect as the Gay Lobby, quite predictably, will move on from their gay marriage wins and start pushing more and more child trafficking, prostitution, lowered age of consent, and normalized incest. If you think I'm being hysterical, you haven't been reading English Manif for long enough. Scroll through our archives and you'll see that this is pretty much the way the Gay Lobby rolls. It starts with the story of an innocent gay teenager killing himself because of bullying (later you find out he was being molested by a gay adult he met on the Internet), then you get the story about adorable lesbians raising a special-needs child they took in from a group home, and everyone starts crying, and then you get gay marriage passed. Then they start pushing "twincest," porn in front of children at Gay Pride, leniency for online gay escorts, and "mentorship" programs that create pederastic situations which then end up not being prosecuted, and a precedent sets in allowing more sex between old men and younger and younger boys. It's all happened already.

Here's some of MassResistance's diagnosis of the tactics:

Her major points of instruction (along with the other speeches that day) reflected what we've seen in recent years:
  • Use lots of emotion.
  • Paint a picture of this being a fight against injustice and discrimination, with lots of Civil Rights imagery.
  • Use emotional personal stories (well-coached if possible).
  • Avoid discussing the details of the bill what it would actually do (i.e., in schools, businesses, etc.), but if you do, speak in generalities.
  • Come across as courteous, rational, and well-meaning.
  • Portray it as the "good" side for civil rights and freedom, versus the unenlightened "bad" side (which helps victimize people and promotes discrimination).
  • Make sure that legislators who support you believe that they are enlightened, good, intelligent people.
  • Allow an undercurrent of strong emotional dislike (i.e., hate) towards those who don't agree.
What's never discussed is the actual goal of the transgender law: To force public acceptance of perverted cross-dressing and transgender behaviors in businesses, institutions, government, schools, and throughout society -- by imposing punishments for violators, including fines and even jail time.