Thursday, February 22, 2018


The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) seems to have gotten caught in two acts of quisling, underhanded treachery. They need to be held accountable! Also we need to hold other groups that play along with CPAC to get along accountable.

The first treachery was CPAC's vicious decision to banish, slander, and malign Mass Resistance in order to punish grassroots traditionalists for defending conservative values against LGBT fanatics across America! This has to be read to be believed:

The second treachery was CPAC's deceitful games with Pamela Geller and Jim Hoft. Geller was misled by CPAC's leadership. They tricked her into organizing a panel on censorship but tried to use an intermediary group to force her to banish Jim Hoft (who is gay!) because they have some gripe against Hoft's outspoken website Gateway Pundit. Geller and Hoft have uncovered a paper trail revealing CPAC's deceitfulness and willingness to steal Geller's ideas to make themselves look like warriors when actually they are undermining conservatives who really fight for our values. See this piece:

These are not bad developments. It is GOOD to know who the skunks are and smoke them out of their smelly little hiding places.

Please, if you are out there, consider going to Mass Resistance ( and making a donation. Real, authentic fighters for conservative values are undermined for the simple reason that big organizations that claim to fight for us have deep pockets. One reason they were so desperate to block both Mass Resistance and Geller/Hoft from CPAC is probably financial--they want people worried about radical LGBT or radical Islam to route their money away from efficient fighters who can do a lot with very little, toward bloated Swamp elephants living off the fat of the land, and doing nothing but making "winsome" backroom deals with the leftist menace.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Big Picture on the Conservative Movement's Gloomy Future

My old book Colorful Conservative has suddenly become relevant again! I am going to blog about it. Listen to the interview above.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mapping the Swamp: Divide & Conquer, Part 2: HOPE AND FEAR

Since the days when the story of Pandora was new, poets and visionaries have exposed two tools used by tyrants: hope and fear. In Hesiod's tale, captured in Works and Days, Zeus punishes Prometheus for stealing fire from Mount Olympus and giving it to human beings. The punishment consists of two devices: a false gift to Prometheus's brother Epimetheus, and a brutal chaining of Prometheus himself to a rock so he will cook in the sun each day for all eternity. Aeschylus expounds on the tale in his famous tragedy Prometheus Bound. Countless other artists and writers would rewrite or adapt the story, if not lift some of its themes. William Blake's Book of Urizen involves countless images of chains and fetters; the words "fear" and "hope" appear as ominous harbingers of something awful.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Saturday, February 17, 2018

What I Wrote to CPAC

I supported CPAC's outreach to gay conservative groups when this meant diversity of opinion. But CPAC has gone too far in banning Mass Resistance. Mass Resistance was not demanding that gay groups be banished but apparently gay groups have been telling CPAC to banish those who criticize them. I cannot think of a worse direction for CPAC to go in.

I spent decades in the gay lifestyle and watched many friends get destroyed by the ill health and compulsive self-destructive behavior rampant in it. Whether people are anti-Obamacare or pro-amnesty has no impact on the devastation wrought by encouraging anal sex as an exclusive form of intimacy.

CPAC's poor ethics in giving purveyors of this damage the power to silence conservatives alarm and nauseate people of good conscience.

It would mean the world to grassroots people if you would simply allow Mass Resistance to attend and share important information.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Going Dark

I took down my Twitter & Facebook for a while! Focusing, focusing, focusing a while. Meditation. Prayer.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Interview with Sandy Rios on the Sodom series

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Mapping the Swamp: Dividing & Conquering, Part One (Women)

I am beginning a new five-part series on "Dividing & Conquering." Here I start with the question of women.

The Need to Divide & Conquer

The Swamp Mafia faces one persistent challenge: namely, their demographic disadvantage. If we can visualize the Swamp, we must picture a rotting bog full of slithering pests, stinking of rot and pestilence. What a horrible place! The vast majority of people whom the Swamp affects suffer because of its festering. Yet there is a Swamp Mafia that likes the rot and muck since they stay in charge as long as nobody cleans the place up. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mapping the Swamp: Sodom and Contagion

Rembrandt, Lot & His Daughters
In this series on Sodom we have been open about our interest in applying the lessons of this doomed city to our own time. All the posts in the series have proceeded with confidence that Sodom holds wisdom that we must interpret for the benefit of our needs today. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mapping the Swamp: Why was Sodom's punishment so extreme?


A young Hebrew Bible scholar responded generously with his time when I asked if I could consult him on the Sodom question. He agreed with me about the uniqueness of Sodom. Sodom is not like Jericho or Ai. God saw fit to wipe out the city with His own actions, as if He could not trust any human–even someone as faithful as Abraham–to spill Sodomite blood on himself in the process of blotting it out.

Sodom is not like Nineveh, for Nineveh repented. Sodom is not like Babylon. Even the wicked Babylon appears in scripture as a realm with some people worth saving. Consider this line from 1 Peter 5:13: “The church in Babylon, also chosen, sends you greetings, as does Mark, my son. Greet one another with a kiss.”