Saturday, December 9, 2017

Of Cakes and Christian Charity-A Contrarian View

Robert Oscar Lopez

If you decide to read this essay, and I hope you will, please be charitable. I believe very strongly in the conservative movement and despite my occasional bitterness, I respect conservatives who have fought for what they believe in.

The case of the cake-maker before the Supreme Court is bugging me. I have followed it as best I can. From what I can tell, if we "win" the case, we will be justifying the Obergefell decision and vindicating Anthony Kennedy by telling the world that all we really wanted was some little safe spaces where we don't have to deal with homosexuality's toxic destruction of our social order. If we "lose" the case, I can't see how the loss will make our world any worse than it is right now. The narrow, expedient argument that was required to get the wedding cake case to the Supreme Court basically threw almost everyone being oppressed by the LGBT agenda under the bus. In typical right-wing style, the built-in preference for business owners ("job creators") and disinterest in workers ("Trump voters") led to a skewed approach to religious liberty.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Case for Roy Moore

My name is Robert Oscar Lopez. I'm a Humanities professor at a seminary, a Southern Baptist, married father of two, a Christian sinner who found Jesus, and a scholar proficient in two ancient and six modern languages. But if you enter my name in Google, you won't know any of that. You will hear, instead, that I am anti-gay, anti-LGBT, virulently bigoted against gays, a hater, a blacklisted persona non grata. You will find dozens or more of my remarks twisted and misrepresented, removed from their original sequence of arguments and often presented without the provocations from opponents who prompted me to react with harsh statements. You will find several outright lies, claims that I was at rallies I never attended or that I said all gay parents were as bad as slaveholders.

God Gave Us No Shortcuts To the Truth

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Roy Moore, the Fog of Political War

Roy Moore and The Fog of Political War
Robert Oscar Lopez

I have seen multiple posts by people claiming various versions of the following statement: "Roy Moore has been credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple women who have nothing to gain from accusing him. Their accounts have been corroborated."

This is false on many levels. Anyone interested in living in a fair society needs to call the bluff of ANYONE who posts such statements, even if you like them. You can be professional and objective (not necessarily polite or civil) but you must rebuke people for engaging in this kind of clever deceit.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The live coverage videos from the Teens4Truth Conference!

If you are angry about sexual predators preying on youth, you need to get active in fighting our current educational system. The Teens4Truth conference in Fort Worth met Nov. 17-18, bringing together activists and experts from around the world to stop the excessive sexualization of our youths. The focus was mostly here the LGBT lobby because that is the political force most explicitly committed to removing the sexual limits and boundaries that have traditionally protected young people from adult sexuality. BUT they are far from the only culprit. There are many another vanguards of the Sexual Revolution working diligently in schools right now to reprogram Texas kids in order to make them less cautious and more risk-friendly in matters of sex, which will leave them open to predators and harm. Browse through these raw videos to see more. With Urban Game Change and Mass Resistance I will be working to format and repackage much of this video so it is easier to use.